Happy Four Months Baby Girl!

You are getting so big! We all love to cuddle you. Little Man really likes to hold you. (Don't worry. I always stay right beside you both.)

Your laugh is quite possibly the best sound your daddy and I hear all day. You also still love to smile. As soon as I start taking your picture, you start grinning. I confess, it makes me want to take lots of pictures of you.

This month has been a fun one for you. You've learned to roll from your tummy to your back. You can push your chest up off the floor and look around. You have also starting reaching for and grabbing toys. If Daddy, Big Sister, Little Man, or I start talking, you do your best to locate where we're at. You certainly know your people!

You finally got a crib to call your own. Your favorite part of the crib is the attached mobile. You love to lay and watch the little animals move.

However, the best thing about this month, for you, has been the two new toys you've discovered--your feet. Just when you thought life couldn't get any better, you realized that you not only have the two most beautiful hands in the world, you also have the most fascinating feet. In fact, if you aren't going cross-eyed from staring at your lovely hands, you are probably grasping your feet. You love them!

Baby Girl, you have brought so much happiness to our family. It has only been four months, but I know your daddy and I couldn't imagine life without you. Your smiles and laughs never cease to make even the craziest days special.

We love you and grow ever more grateful that God chose us to be your parents.

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