Because I Need a Laugh

Today, I found myself googling, "How do you get petroleum jelly out of clothes?"

By clothes, I also meant Little Man's new quilt, a throw pillow, and surely other things I've yet to discover.

That is all I'm going to write about that.

I went to get the camera, because, hello, I have a blog. That is when the morning got even more interesting.

I searched high. I searched low. The camera was nowhere to be found.

I was stumped, and then I remembered; it was in the stroller basket. The stroller was sitting on the back patio, where it poured rain this morning.

And, that is also all I'm going to write about that.

Later on in the day, I found myself reading over at Holding Little Hands, where she confessed that she once searched the grocery store for "brown onions". She didn't understand that brown was a verb and not an adjective. I enjoyed a much-needed laugh after the morning I had.

Then, I remembered a kitchen moment I had not long after I was married.

I knew my husband liked crescent rolls, so I bought a tube. Once home, I opened them and unrolled them. I carefully placed the triangles on a baking sheet. I specifically remember thinking, "Hmmm, I wonder how the triangles turn into crescents? Guess it happens in the oven."

It didn't. They came out looking like puffy triangles. However, they still tasted the same, and my husband had a good laugh. All was not lost.

Ironically, at the time, I remember being embarrassed. Today, I almost couldn't type as I was laughing so hard while I wrote the story. (I do realize it isn't THAT funny, but it is after my morning.) Guess that goes to show that we do eventually get to look back and laugh at our mishaps.

Even ones that involve a certain two-year-old and his new bedding covered in Vaseline.

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