Happy Friday

Thanks to Little Man for holding the microphone. Perhaps he purposely kept his face out of this shot. At the time, it looked like this.

This is Little Man's demeanor after waking from a nap. Even the somewhat rare treat of a ring pop couldn't shake the grumps out.

And, in other picture news, notice the loud toys that Little Man and Big Sister are playing with. They may be the first loud toys that a grandparent didn't buy.

That's right. I willingly bought them. I even let them carry them in the cart at Target where they proceeded to serenade every single person they saw. Big Sister sang a version of Jingle Bells and Little Man mumbled something to the tune of the ABCs.

And since this is turning into a miniature scrapbook, I'll throw one in for my mom.

Look Mom! It's a picture of me! We couldn't get Little Man to cooperate. Big surprise there. But, I must say his daddy cooperated quite nicely and looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.

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