"Would you like some coffee Little Man?" I jokingly asked.

"Uh huh," he said.

Oh, oops, I thought he would say no. I mean the kid says no to every. single. thing.

"I'm just kidding silly guy. Silly mommy. Coffee is for mamas," I said as I tried to distract the boy with toast, grapes, and milk.

But, he wasn't buying it.

Then, I thought oh so wisely that maybe I could just give him a bit of coffee since it was decaf. I just knew he wouldn't like it. It isn't like I would share any of mama's creamer with him to make it the delicious drink we all know it is.

So I smugly poured a small sip into a cup. I waited for it to cool.

Then I gave my husband an aren't-I-a-smart-mama look and put it in front of Little Man.

He promptly took a big sip, smiled, and said "ahhhh."

What!? No that isn't how that was supposed to go. He was supposed to spit it out like he did last night's dinner.

Why oh why did I have to change parenting tactics? A simple firm no would have done the job.

Would it be cruel to dump a bunch of salt or black pepper into it the next time he asks for a cup of coffee?

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