Just Thinking

The library and bookstores are for me what a candy store is for my children. I can never seem to have enough books.

So, it isn't unusual for me to start a book and put it down only to pick it up a few days, weeks, or months later. This was the case with Beth Moore's book Breaking Free. I grabbed it off the shelf just as I began to nurse Baby Girl. I looked for the dog-eared page and read this:

"We make life so much more complicated when we think life is "all about me." The rest of the world never cooperates. No one else got the memo. When we see ourselves as the center of the universe, we live in constant frustration because the rest of creation refuses to revolve around us."
Reading that was a big wake-up call for me. I realized that I had started to see much of what makes up my day as a source of frustration. Little Man kicking his shoes off in the car as we get close to our destination, Big Sister spilling milk, or Baby Girl not napping well all become reasons for me to be frustrated.
But, what if these little incidents, besides being normal childhood behavior, are meant to change me into the person God created me to be? Well, that certainly changes things doesn't it? Instead of my day being full of frustration, I have a day full of opportunities to become a more godly woman.
I pray I remember this when nap time ends.
Now, if only these opportunities didn't have to keep starting before the sun rises.

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