Home Sweet Home

We enjoyed our first road trip as a family of five. But, let me make it very clear that is wasn't so much the road and trip part of it that we enjoyed. We did, however, enjoy our visit with family.

If I get the privilege to be a grandma, I hope I'm as wonderful as my children's grandparents. They are awesome. They pretty much take over caring for the children so that my husband and I can rest a bit. I love seeing them love on my children.

Alas, now we are back to the land of reality. It is no guarantee that I will get a nap today. There is no promise of reading a book for pleasure later in the morning.

Oh, and seeing as how Little Man already came barging in the door as I was, ahem, in the restroom, I suppose I can't count on moments of privacy either.

However, there is still nothing quite like coming home. I enjoyed my own bed and am drinking coffee fresh from my coffee pot.

Now, I'm off to detox the children from all the attention. Well, that and catch up the laundry, run a few errands, and of course, cook. Oh yes, and remember to lock the bathroom door.

It's good to be home!

Thanks for a wonderful time Grandpas and Grandmas!

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