Thicker Skin

Almost every night, before bed, I read to Big Sister from The Big Picture Story Bible. There is a part that briefly describes life for Adam and Eve outside of the Garden of Eden. It sums up life away from God as hard. It says that taking care of children is hard.

Each time I read that sentence, I struggle not to add on a hearty, "Amen to that." I mean, I don't want to offend Big Sister.

But, here's the thing. Parenting is hard.

That is why I can't get the lady from the grocery store out of my mind.

This morning, I found myself on a grocery run with Little Man and my brother, who is Uncle Little Man. Well, not really. But Little Man and my brother have the same name. Hubs and I think my brother has a great name, so we stole it. Of course, we think my brother is pretty great too, but I digress.

I had one more thing to buy. Little Man was quickly losing patience. I had met every need as best I could, but I was not going to grant his request of getting down so he could run wild. He disagreed with my decision and was protesting.

I told Uncle Little Man (I'm sure he loves being referred to as such, especially since he is almost six and a half feet tall) to ignore him. I then walked quickly to pick up my last item, before heading to the checkout.

That is when a lady walked by my brother and sarcastically muttered something like, "Well, that's good parenting."

That shouldn't have bothered me. I'd like to say I shrugged it off. But, clearly, since I'm posting about it, I haven't exactly forgotten it.

You see, Little Man is "going through a stage." If you are a parent, you know what I mean. I've been left second guessing every. single. thing. It seems as though every interaction with my special little guy leaves me wondering if I'm doing my best for him.

So, that is why the lady at the store almost brought me to tears. And, this is especially pathetic since I learned of her comment only because my brother told me.

I've spent much of my day thinking about this morning. I wouldn't have changed anything I did. Truly, I wouldn't.

Instead, I've concluded that I need thicker skin. Easier said than done. Maybe, maybe not.

The way I figure it is that God gave Little Man to my husband and me. He obviously thinks we're the best people for the job of raising the little guy. There is only One who gets to judge our job raising Little Man.

It isn't the lady from the grocery store (who incidentally probably has no kids of her own).

I think if we remember this, we'll do just fine. After all, He has promised to help.

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