One Would Think...

that if you let your 3 year old stay up more than two hours past her bedtime, because she was lucky enough to go to Disney Princesses on Ice, she would take a long nap.

One might especially think this would be the case if your 3 year old woke up at her usual time, rather than sleep in.

In fact, one might think the 3 year old would sleep away most the day if, on that same morning that she didn't sleep in, you took her to a long play date.

Well, one could think that all she wants, but she would be very wrong.

And in other news, one might find that her kitchen should be shut down by the health department based upon what she found while cleaning under her toddler's booster seat.

Anyone know how to get the health department to visit your house? I'm thinking one might be able to find lots of things to do if she couldn't be otherwise occupied in the kitchen.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

One might think 3 children would sleep-in after being up over 2 hours past bedtime. One might think and hope - in vain. Sigh... haven't children heard of sleeping in?

HRH said...

Genius idea. I am with you all the way on that one.