A Must-Have Bib

It's time for another WFMW.

This time I thought I'd share my favorite bib. It's from Wally World and retails for around four dollars.

I couldn't find a link to it. Fortunately, I did find a willing, if a bit grumpy, little model.

Hopefully this picture is good enough for you to find one for yourself. That is, if you're in the market for a new bib. And, if you find yourself frequently cleaning the floor near where your toddler eats, you should be in the market for one.

These bibs are extremely convenient. I just spray mine off at the sink between meals. Then, every so often, or you know, when I notice a stench coming from the bib, I toss it in the washing machine with some bleach.

The best part of the bib is the little pocket at the bottom. It does a great job of catching the majority of the meal. The rest goes in his mouth. It will even hold a cup of milk if your toddler gets tired of dunking graham crackers and decides to dump the rest in his bib. Not that I would know about this of course.

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Lisa said...

Those seem so neat; if only my kids would wear bibs--thankfully my older son is very neat but the baby makes up for it!

Kate said...

That bib looks great. I have one that can just be rinsed in the sink, but it does not have that awesome catch-all pocket. Thanks!

tarable said...

so funny - I have the same booster seat (2 actually) and 3 or 4 of those bibs. I love them!