Am I Missing Something?

Okay, there is something that I have been wondering for quite some time. I don't think about it often, but when I do, I'm absolutely baffled. And since I thought of it again today, I'm writing about it.

How in the world does Radio Shack survive?

My husband just returned from buying 25 feet of cable. The price difference between Radio Shack and the orange store (our 3-year-old's name for Home Depot) was $9. I wouldn't exactly call that competitive pricing.

I wanted to know if anyone else was in the store. Any time I've been by one or for whatever reason inside of a Radio Shack, I've pretty much been the only customer. Surprisingly, my husband said there were a couple of other people in the store. However, I'll bet they didn't buy anything.

So, what am I missing? Why are these stores still around? Is it exceptional customer service? Do they have products that others don't carry? Seriously, tell me the answer or I'm going to keep losing sleep!

Oh, I'm kidding, the only thing that keeps me up these days is less than two feet and always willing to snuggle. But, I do wonder about Radio Shack when my thoughts aren't otherwise occupied with dishes and diapers. Aren't my thoughts fascinating?

Stay tuned for my thoughts on generic verses name brands. It should be riveting!


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I've wondered the same thing. I think they stock harder to find (read: older) stuff. I'm guessing it's store loyalty that keeps people going back.

Lisa said...

I didn't know they were still around.

HRH said...

I have said the same thing to my husband as he returns from the store as I sit in the car because I can't stand that place. He says they have cables and stuff other places don't have. BUT even the name is a bit outdated. I haven't been in there since they didn't let me buy batteries without giving them my home phone number. CRAZY. Waiting for the generic post...that should really fire me up! hahaha