Gotta Go Buy the Milk

At some point, I knew it would happen. We would need milk, bread, butter, or dark chocolate--you know, the necessities. It couldn't wait until Daddy got home from work and I could venture to the store with only one child. (Preferably the one who sits in an infant car seat.)

Well, about a week ago, we were almost out of milk. I surveyed the troops. Everyone seemed to be in good humor. I figured I could take care of that by taking a trip to the store. I took a deep breath and we did it. I called my friend while I was enroute. I warned her that I may be calling shortly to vent about how difficult it is to take three small children to the store. She has three children so she can relate.

Amazingly, I didn't have to make that pity-party call. I did, however, forget the milk, but not the dark chocolate, or the plastic eggs and Easter baskets.
That trip made me feel confident. I've since tackled Target and SAM'S with all three children. Remember that is two hands and three children. So far the rest of the public has remained safe, though Big Sister and some shopping carts had a few close calls.
However, lest you think we have this shopping thing down pat, let me show you what it looks like when we leave the house.

I asked her to go get some shoes. She quickly obeyed, but there was a slight problem. After a few chuckles and a quick picture, I asked her again to go get some shoes. I specifically requested that she get her own shoes.

Little Man is determined to do things that just might get him a trip to the ER. He apparently seized the opportunity when my back was turned, snapping Big Sister's picture, to try and find some trouble. No worries, I told him to stop--right after I snapped his picture that is.

Finally, we have the one who didn't get the same memo as Big Sister and Little Man. Rather than try to derail mama's plans at every opportunity, she just patiently waited in her car seat. Once it became apparent that her mama was not capable of getting everyone ready quickly, she decided to take a nap.
No wonder I'm always ready for a nap once I climb into my car seat.


tarable said...

You are very brave. My baby is less than a week older than yours and taking all 3 out is still scary for me. Luckily the oldest goes on playdates or something pretty regularly and I can venture out with just the 2 youngest, both of which I try to keep strapped in at all times. We have had a lot of success this way. Of course, even though it's hard to go out - lots of times I do it anyway because the day goes SOOOOO much faster.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Go out as much as you can NOW so the older two get trained on how to behave. Because it only gets more complicated when the sweet baby comes OUT of the infant carrier! You should see us going down the aisles at the grocery store. 3 year old in the cart seat. 18 month old in the umbrella stroller and 4.5 year old pushing the stroller. Thankfully he hasn't taken any old ladies out, yet. = )

Julie said...

I remember those days well. I was you 5 years ago. I also have girl, boy, girl. It's so much easier now to run errands, but I remember how exhausting it could be. It's a wonder we survive.

HRH said...

Oh, I feel your pain. It seems to get a bit easier then a bit harder then a bit easier as each of the 3 enter and exit new stages of public-friendly or unfriendly behavior. At least they are cute!