Blame it on the Coffee

I innocently sat sipping coffee at my kitchen table. I was chatting with my neighbor while our children played. As we visited, I surveyed my kitchen. Specifically I eyed its ugly wallpaper.

So, as I studied the wallpaper, I envisioned what could be. I thought of the fabulous red shade I'd paint the walls to complement the wood cabinets. Then, my mind drifted to the black and white plates I'd hang on the wall. I even pulled them out of the cabinet to show my friend so that she could ooh and ahh with me. She probably wasn't as impressed as she acted, but I was too busy dreaming of my future kitchen to notice.

We continued by talking of window treatments and wall decor.

Finally, I decided I'd start taking down the wallpaper tomorrow during nap time. At that point, something silver caught my eye. It was my travel coffee mug sitting on the table. It was then I realized that the coffee had taken over my brain.

What in the world was I thinking of tackling a redecorating project when I'm struggling just to keep up with the laundry and the food? Oh, and three small children. I'm sure there are mamas out there who can do those things. The coffee companies should be thankful for them.

As for me, it's back to the decaf and fancy creamers. I shudder to think what projects I might start tackling if I drink the real stuff--probably something like mopping, or worse, dusting. No wonder they call caffeine a drug.

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Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I have decorated and remodeled every room in my house many, many times. In my head that is. I never connected it to caffeine! = ) Now I know! = )