10-Minute Frump Fighting

It's Friday, so I thought I would fight the frump with Fussy.

I do believe my husband might be getting a little weary of hearing me say how frumpy I feel. It's that whole post-pregnancy body thing that I've got going on right now. So, it seems proper to share a very basic frump-fighting technique--exercise. But wait, keep reading, if I can fit it in, so can you.

I've found a series of videos that are great. They are part of the 10-Minute Solution series and they are truly awesome. I've got this one and this one. Both are excellent. I honestly feel as though I did something in 10 minutes and I'm a gal who used to be a gym rat (if that is even a term). If I do the entire video (all the segments) I feel as though I took a decent class at the gym. I can even manage to do a segment or two with the kiddos in the room ''participating".

Exercise has many benefits, blah, blah, blah. You've heard it before, right? But, the best part is, it most definitely helps fight the old frump. Make sure to visit Fussy to find out more tips.

Oh, and one last thing, though these videos are great, they don't compete with the treadmill my wonderful husband bought me for Valentine's Day. He even worked until late last night setting it up for me. Thanks! I don't deserve how well you treat me, but I am oh so grateful.


Lil Mouse said...

wow that's pretty similar to what a few of us blogged about today. neat.

Darla said...

I think you need to feel good to "look" good. Beauty is from the inside out. Great way to fight the frump!

Darla said...

P.S. What part of Iowa are your inlaws from? I'm from wayyyyyy NW Iowa.