Little Man

I've noticed I don't write much about Little Man. At least, I don't write nearly as much about him as I do about Big Sister. This fact has me feeling a bit guilty.

Really, Little Man does many things that would make for a good story. Unfortunately, they might also make me look like I fail to appropriately supervise my child. So, I rarely share these in the written form. I'm sure anyone with a little boy understands. The trouble he can get into is truly amazing. It is even entertaining, except when it's not.

The other reason I'm pretty sure I don't share as many stories about Little Man is that he isn't as verbal. Big Sister says something hilarious nearly everyday if not every hour. Of course, most of the time she doesn't mean to be funny, but three-year-old logic is by definition hilarious. Take for example the following quote.

"This shirt is almost too big for me, but that's okay because when you turn the page you get to the monster at the end of the book."

Uh, huh. See. It's funny. It's funny because it makes no sense, but I have no choice other than to agree with her. I don't want to hurt her feelings and I have no idea what she is talking about so really, how could I correct her?

Of course, then there are the serious questions she asks while we talk about important things.

Me: Who made you? (I'm looking for her to say God. She has said it numerous times. She knows the answer.)

Big Sister: (Shrugs to show me she isn't in the mood for answering easy questions.)

Me: God, right?

Big Sister: Did he make my boogers too?

Me: Yeah, I guess so.

Again, this is funny.

So, you see how a post that I mean to dedicate to my one and only son can easily turn into Big Sister stealing the show. At least he got the title.

I love you big guy! Please be careful! Mommy can only handle so many close calls. Oh, and no more playing in the flour in the pantry. Mommy doesn't like that so much.

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