It Could Have Been a Story

Well, I guess we're in the Midwest to stay. I finally dragged myself to the DMV and got a new license plate. I was only a wee bit over the 90 days allotted to do this. That is if 5 months is considered a wee bit.

So, I sat in the DMV, bored. Bored! I had Baby Girl with me, but she was snoozing. So, I rummaged through the diaper bag to find some entertainment and lo and behold I discovered that I don't usually carry a magazine or book for mama. I wasn't quite desperate enough to play with the mini Elmo sticker books I found, so I just sat.

However, it wasn't long before I began thinking of the story I would have to tell if Big Sister and Little Man had been with me. Think about it. I was in the DMV at nap time. There were people everywhere--civilized people. It was relatively quiet, except for the calling of numbers for which I could discern no certain pattern.

I, as an adult, take in the setting and take the cue to sit quietly and wait for my number. My children would have surveyed the same scene and found it the perfect place to test mama's parenting skills.

Thanks to a dear friend, I didn't have the older children with me. Therefore it only got as exciting as hearing the two teenage boys beside me debate which was better--McDonald's or Wendy's.

Oh, and I did hear the one boy say "I love you," multiple times into his cell phone.

After hanging up, he said "I've never heard I love you so many times in my life!"

His friend asked, "Who was it?"

"My mom," he replied.

Well, it made me smile to hear that, because you and I both know that he secretly loves that his mom does that. Of course, I get that he had to play it cool for his friend. I mean that friend knows important stuff, like why Wendy's is better than McDonald's.

And that is what I learned at the DMV.

Oh, and that if you are pressed for time, you can arrange an appointment. You simply pay an additional $9.50 to pay more money at a specific time to get a new license plate. I guarantee a mom who had all her children in tow requested they start scheduling appointments. I know I'd pay to avoid waiting with my children. Heck, those people waiting would probably pay for me if they knew what my children were capable of given the wide open possibilities of a waiting room.

Oh, I kid, because really my kids are pretty good. But, we all have our moments and, well, most of my children's moments happen in public. Because, you know, it's fun to see mama get all flustered and try to chase them with a baby in her arms or while pushing a stroller.

Okay, I'm off to put some mama reading material in the diaper bag. That way, in about 18 years, when I find myself bored again, I'll have some reading material. Except by then, I won't be carrying a diaper bag. I hope.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

McDonald's. Definitely.

I'm thinking that boy secretly enjoyed letting his friend know his momma loves him. I'm impressed that he said it back to her in front of the friend!

HRH said...


And the boy on the phone...soooo sweet. I am totally doing that to my boys some day. What a fun afternoon (weird that I would say that about the DMV). Did you get all your Elmo stickers stuck?