What I Learned Tonight

Tonight I learned that if you have friends over for dinner, you should be really careful about what you say about your children. For example, if you are talking about how easy one of your children is, that same child will likely start being more ornery than you've ever witnessed.

Then, if you happen to mention that another one of your children has become much less aggressive toward other children, that same child might headbutt one of their children in the nose.

Fortunately, I also learned tonight that you should shut your big mouth before all three of your children make you look like a liar.

Most importantly, I was reminded tonight that keeping a sense of humor while raising children is a pretty good idea. Make that a VERY good idea!

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Anonymous said...

angstNEVER jinx yourself...repeat this...."I will not jinx myself"!
Love you, Mimi xoxo