It's My Blog and I'll Brag If I Want To

My mom has always told me not to "toot my own own," but it's not my horn I'm going to toot.

This afternoon, my sweet kindergartner came home with her 2nd Quarter report card. She got perfect marks. In addition, she is reading at the level they want kindergartners to be at by the end of the year! We're moving onto helping her with First Grade Sight Words. Way to go girl!

Of course, I congratulated her and she said, "For what?" I just laughed and told her she was doing a great job in school.

Then again, perhaps the reason she didn't give much notice to her report card was that she finally got to bring home Henry Hippo. Henry Hippo is a stuffed hippo that each child in her class brings home for a few days during the school year. We get to write about her adventures with Henry, who she keeps calling "Hippy Hippo." So far, he's had a snack and watched a few minutes of Scooby-Doo.

Once again, congrats sweet Ann! (Toot, toot, toot!)


Heidi said...

Congrats Anne!

Anonymous said...

Go Katie! xoxo