And I Call Myself a Reader!

Not long ago, some friends of mine were posting notes on facebook about how many of the 100 classic books they'd read from some list. I joined in the fun and dutifully marked what I'd read. Apparently, I lied.

I genuinely thought I'd read The Chronicles of Narnia, but after picking up the series, I discovered that I hadn't. At least I hadn't until last night at nearly eleven when I finished it.

Also, upon reading the list, I was reminded of books I've wanted to read for years. Finishing up The Chronicles of Narnia got me started on what I hope will be a roll. Today, I began Anne of Green Gables and I'm waiting on The Lord of the Rings to arrive in my mail box.

Clearly I've lost touch with reality as my life doesn't exactly allow me to sit around and read all day. I'm hoping to finish two books a month. If I follow my plan, I'll read one fiction and one nonfiction book. Anything else will be a bonus.

So, I suppose many people are focusing on things like weight loss and better budgeting as the new year begins, while I'm making a book list. Perhaps I am a reader even if I've managed to miss a few that I'm sure will become new favorites.

What are you reading?

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Elizabeth said...

My Darling Hubby got me a NOOK for Christmas! I have downloaded several classics form the Guttenberg Project. If the Author has been DEAD long enough, it is no longer under copyright. I have Don Quixote, US Grant's Memoirs, and several very old historical poems that I never ot to!
Have FUN with your reading.
Pax Christi!