Snow Day

I've always loved snow days! I loved them as a child, adored them as a teacher, and now cherish them as a mom. So, it's no surprise when I woke up early this morning, the first thing I did was to look out the window and check to see if promised snow had fallen. It had!

Then next thing I did was to tiptoe downstairs and grab the laptop. I then went back to my room and turned it on. Several school districts were closed, but not ours. I shut it and then tossed and turned. I checked one more time and sure enough, we had a snow day! I happily went back to sleep.

I was awakened a little after 7 when Tony called to inform me he'd made it to work safely. I felt a bit guilty that I was still sleeping and he was at work, but not guilty enough to do anything about it!

Once we woke up, it was a lovely 7:30. If you know anything about my little early risers, then you know this is some serious sleeping in at our house! We had a hot breakfast and the kids played all sorts of games together. It makes me so happy when they all play together. We read several stories and headed out into the snow after lunch.

Chris and Ann were delighted to be outside. Our cat even got in on the fun!

Jane was happy to get her snow clothes on, but once outside, she had second thoughts. However, after I handed her a little dust pan and told her she could shovel the snow with me, she was sold.

Most of the neighbor children were out which always makes for a good time. My awesome husband came home early and took the big kids sledding while I made soup and hot chocolate. Not surprisingly, our newest snow lover fell asleep before dinner.

So, the trend will continue. I will continue to be excited at the prospect of a snow day. In fact, I may like them even more now!

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Anonymous said...

I sure love you guys! xoxoxo