Happy New Year!

Exactly 17 minutes into 2011, my oldest daughter sat up in my bed and puked. I nearly laughed, but the stench sent me gagging instead. It was either laugh or cry at the start of the year. I prayed it wasn't a sign of how the year would turn out!

Our first day of the new year involved unpacking and some general housekeeping. Not, of course, that you would necessarily know it by stopping by our house. There are still plenty of piles to pick up and laundry to wash, but isn't there always?

A highlight of the day was playing Alphabet Go Fish as a family. Games are always interesting with young children and this one did not disappoint. An attempt was made at Uno, but it was quickly abandoned. Tony also taught Ann and Chris how to play Connect 4. We're making good use of those Christmas gifts!

The kids are enjoying their new Wii game, Just Dance for Kids. It's too cute to watch them copy the moves of the children on the game. So far it has been a perfect way to help them burn some energy when it's too cold to play outside for long periods!

I left for a bit today to run a couple of errands. I'll admit I spent part of that time tucked away inside of a Starbucks while sipping a Peppermint Mocha. (I'll let others start their healthy eating today!) I finished up an article and enjoyed a break from unpacking and the post-Christmas clean up.

Dinner was a simple affair. Then, it was time for baths. In the middle of the process, I came downstairs to grab something and saw Tony reading his Bible.

Less than half an hour later, we gathered as a family and read, more like paraphrased, Genesis 1 to the kiddos.

Needless to say, the day only got better and better. Puke or not, I do believe there is hope yet for 2011!

Happy New Year!

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allie :^) said...

ha! now that's a positive spin on puke my dear. :)