Not THAT Question!

My little man is a curious little fellow. I've grown used to hearing, "Mommy, I have a question," as he ponders life from the back of the minivan. He has asked about things such as where garbage goes and where the bees go in the winter if the birds fly south. So today, I smiled when he said his trademark, "Mommy, I have a question." That smile quickly faded.

Today, he asked, "How do baby's get out of their mommies' bellies."

Choke, cough, raise my eyebrows and wish he had asked my husband this question.

So, I did what I usually do in such situations. I asked, "How do you think they get out?"

I then sat there with a smug little expression waiting for him to tell me his creative answer.

No such luck. He replied, "I don't know." Darn!

"Well, God makes mommies bodies so that the babies can come out," I said and then thought, "Please, please, please be satisfied with that!"

Again, no such luck.

"But Mommy, where do they come out?" He persisted.

"Out of a hole that God puts in mommies' bodies," I reluctantly elaborated.

"Where is the hole?" He innocently asked.

Repeat the whole choke, cough...scenario from above.

I weakly, but truthfully answered wishing I had invented some elaborate story instead.

Then, never in my life have I been more grateful for Chuck E. Cheese. Never! We happened to drive by it and my little man became so distracted that I was off the hook! For now.

Now, can you blame me if I'm a bit nervous to get in the car with him again?!


Anonymous said...

You might bring it up when daddy's home and than exit immediately! Tee-hee....

Heidi said...


Sarah W. said...

This is when I'm grateful for a csection!! They come from my tummy!! Easy!! Lol!!!