Watch Out for the Hot Llama!

Over the Christmas Break, my children invented all sorts of new games to keep themselves entertained. I should note that very few of these games actually involved their new toys. (Sidenote to Mrs. Claus next year: Don't get carried away with the presents!) Anyways, one of these is a game that involves lava.

My three children have been pretending that the family room floor is hot lava. In order to keep from touching the lava, they attempt to jump from the coffee table to the couch and chairs. Needless to say, this game isn't always mommy-approved. However, I should also admit that I totally get how this would seem to be the coolest game ever to the under seven crowd, so I've been known to allow a jump or two.

Perhaps the most entertaining and sweetest part of this whole idea of a game is that my sweet two-year-old keeps warning me of "hot llama!"

I'll be walking through the family room and she'll call out, "Mom, it's hot llama!" Too cute! I don't even try to correct her because it's too stinking precious. All too soon, she'll say "lava" and be much too big to even entertain the idea of such a game. For now, I'll just continue to watch out for all those hot llamas in my family room!

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allie :^) said...

my kids used to play that! :)