What Did She Say?!

This afternoon, I was able to take my oldest daughter out shopping for a bit. This has become quite fun for me as she is starting to take an interest in her clothes, but it's still very easy for me to guide her choices. She did quite well and came away with a new dress, shirt, dance leotard, and boots. She promised once she got home she'd try on everything for me.

Ann kept her promise and we were both happy to learn that everything but the leotard fit perfectly!

Just before I tucked her in, I noticed that she had her new top out to wear in the morning. I told her that I'd like her to save it for school on Tuesday. Then, I quickly became grateful I wasn't eating or drinking when she responded to me.

"What? You want me to be hot?" She asked.

For a moment, I couldn't speak. How on earth did she know what being hot meant? And more importantly, did she want to be hot? Did she think I wanted her to be hot? What had just happened?

Finally, I was ready to reply, but before I could, Ann said, "I will be because it has a hood you know."

Oh, she meant hot as in temperature! Whew! I took a deep breath and continued to tuck her in for the night. My little girl was wearing a tiara and a princess nightgown and all was once again right with the world. And it will continue to stay that way as long as I have several more years before one of my girls wants to be hot without sweating!


Heidi said...

What a hoot!

Sarah W. said...

Hilarious!!!!!!!! So so funny!!!!