A Time to Spoil

This morning, Baby Girl went back to the doctor for her weight check. As I expected, she is heading back to her birth weight.

Since Baby Girl is our third baby in a little over three years, we had few, well, make that no questions for the doctor. So, it also shouldn't be surprising that I barely glanced at the Birth to 2 Months Guidelines sheet the nurse gave us. However, in that brief glance, one phrase caught my eye--"Babies cannot be spoiled."

That did my heart so much good to see those words in black in white. It was like I was finally given permission to simply enjoy my baby.

Before the birth of my first child, I didn't really think about what life with a baby would be like. I just assumed we'd know what to do. For the most part, we did, but we sure were stressed about it. Rather than enjoy those first few months, I kept track of everything. If she wanted to eat and it had been less than two hours, I fretted. Was I spoiling her?

I consulted multiple books and had many discussions with other moms. Many of these conversations ended with me feeling inadequate. I thought I was doing something wrong all because I couldn't follow an "ideal" schedule.

Since my second was born less than eighteen months after my first, I had to ease up a bit. He spent hours in the sling. Feedings only hour apart weren't much cause for concern. However, I still worried about his sleep schedule and if I was spoiling him by letting him eat at night well past when it was probably nutritionally necessary.

Now, here I am four days after the birth of my third child. This time, I'm quite tempted to toss out my baby parenting books. I want to simply enjoy this time. It goes by so quickly. Sometimes it seems as though I blinked, and when I opened my eyes, there were three children.

I know that these sweet days won't last forever. It is only a matter of months before I'll begin to have to set limits for my sweet little one. Of course, I'll do so, for I love her. But, until that time comes, I will not worry about holding her too much or feeding her before the clock says it's time.
For if that is what it means to spoil a baby, then let the spoiling begin!

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Tara Lee said...

For some reason, I felt exactly the same way with my third baby! I knew that the time went fast, so I was going to cherish it and not worry about what "they" say...and I am so glad I did. Throw those books away! : )