Pencils for College and Playground Pals

We bought Little Man a drum for Christmas. I realize that sounds like a crazy thing to do, but it is just a toy and not nearly as annoying as some of the loud electronic toys given to us by grandparents who shall remain nameless.

This particular drum is from the Parents line of toys sold at Target. The bonus for me was that it came with a free subscription to Parents magazine.

So, I was flipping through the February issue and I learned a few things.

One is that my kids can kiss college good by unless they want to pay for it. We might be able to buy them a pencil or two, but that might be about it.

According to an article on page 86, we need to save somewhere between $140,000 and $470,000 for our 3 year old.

Is anyone else laughing? We just started a little savings plan for our children, but the key word is little. If we're lucky, we might be able to throw in a package of highlighters and a few boxes of ramen. Of course, with the way food prices are these days, even that isn't a guarantee.

The other thing I learned was how to make friends with another mom at the playground. The small article on page 94 began with the suggestion that the reader draw on old dating experiences in order to make a new friend. Needless to say, it was a bit hard to take the rest of the paragraph seriously, though the advice wasn't horrible.

"Hey, that is a fancy little diaper bag you've got. Did you get it around here?"

Oh, the things I'm filling my brain up with these days.

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