Fight the Frump

Well, today begins the story of “And Then There was One.” Actually, I think that may be a book title, but for me it means the story of one mama and three small children. All that to say, my mom left today, and my husband is back at work.

I'm still a little in awe that both my mom and husband think it is reasonable to leave me by myself with three small children. Did I mention I only have two hands?

So, I've been thinking how it could be tempting to skip things like brushing my teeth, my hair, or you know, the dog hair off my clothes. But, I'm guessing that would only serve to make me feel frumpier, not to mention stinkier and hairier. Fortunately I remembered a sweet friend's advice.

This friend, also a mother of three rather young children, mentioned that she keeps extra toiletries in the downstairs powder room.

Aha! I can do that.

I will soon be stashing a toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb, and extra make-up in the bathroom downstairs. Then, I can make myself somewhat presentable without having to either leave the children unattended downstairs or let them trash my room while I get ready.

Of course, I'll probably keep the mints close at hand just in case.

For more tips on how to Fight the Frump, visit Mrs. Fussypants.


Sister Honey Bunch said...

Make up on every floor of the house is a definite must. YOu never know when you might need to touch up the lipstick.

Karen said...

Of course, I don't have a downstairs, but if I did, you can bet I'd be doing this one! I love the idea of having a place to refresh...come to think of it, I have one in my mini-van...does that count? lol

Lil Mouse said...

we put toothbrushes downstairs too and its been a great investment!

HRH said...

great idea.

Mrs. Fussy Fussypants said...

Promise not to laugh?

here are the places I keep extra make-up-

powder room
suburban's center console

You never know when you'll get a minute!LOL

Thank you so much for joining in. It means so much to me.

Love, Fussy

Bethando said...

You're my hero. I have one 2 year old and feel as overwhelmed as you do! I love the ideas! Great post.

Amy said...

I do this. Since having young children I have migrated all my everyday essentials (makeup, clips, comb, hair products...the works) into a tote that stays in the closet next to my downstairs bathroom. On the weekend I move that tote upstairs and use my master bath, but otherwise, I'm downstairs getting ready in the middle of all the action.