Say Cheese

Nothing says I want my picture taken like having a baby four days ago, not wearing makeup, and attempting to thrive on mere hours of sleep. So, when my husband asked if I'd like to join him in getting our new drivers licenses, you can bet I answered with a hearty “yes!” Because, you know, I'm not sixteen anymore, so really what does it matter what my drivers license picture looks like?

We used a perfectly good nap time, while all three children slept AT THE SAME TIME, to venture to the Drivers License Bureau. Since grandma was there to babysit, we figured, why not? It may be the closest we get to a date for quite a while. And, I have a lovely picture to remember it!

Oh, and as an added benefit, the lady at the desk kindly cut out the picture from my old license. She handed it to me and told me that I was allowed to keep that. Um, thanks.

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