Note to Self

If your husband calls you into the other room and tells you your toddler son has something to tell you, you will probably think your son has learned a cute new word or phrase.

You will expectantly walk into the other room.

Your husband will flip your son upside down and hand him to you bottom first.

Be cautious. There is a stinky diaper on that bottom. He has not learned another cute word. Your husband has simply found what he thinks is a cute way to get you to change the diaper.

DO NOT take your son. Simply smile, laugh, and then walk away very quickly.

But, be warned. Your husband will continue with his antics by carrying your son and all the diaper changing items into the same room as you. He will think it is funny to let you enjoy the um, aroma, while he does the dirty work.

Pretend you don't notice.

1 comment:

Tara Lee said...

Don't you just the way husbands are! : ) Mine would do the same thing!