It hasn't been any secret that I've been a tad frightened at the thought of taking care of three children three and under all day long by myself. I've only mentioned my fear in every other post. The fact that I only have two hands and am getting limited sleep has been mentioned a time or two.

So, you can imagine the smile that came to my face yesterday when I opened up this email from a dear friend. It was titled "Today."

Dear Lord – I ask that You be with my dear friend today as she begins a new adventure in her life with the three little ones You have blessed her with. I pray that You will hold her close today and not let her be overwhelmed by “stuff” that needs to be done. I pray that You would make large tasks seem small and the dusting and vacuuming to be minimal. Please help her to keep everything in line with what You would want her to do. Please guide her to know when she does need to clean and have alone time and when she needs to love on Your children. Thank you for her desire to be a godly mother, wife, and friend. Bless her as she has blessed all of those around her.

In Jesus’ name - Amen

Now, I ask, why should I worry about the tasks before me when I have friends like this and a God who spoke the world into existence?

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MamaBear said...

I've been reading your blog since before your baby girl was born and am de-lurking this morning just to send a few words of encouragement your way. I also had three babies in three and one-half years, and it was VERY hard in the beginning. I work full-time from home and was nearly overwhelmed some mornings before I got out of bed.

My baby is almost five now, and I am SO grateful to have children so close in age. They are the best of friends and are so excited to see each other every afternoon when school is out. I arrange very few play dates, because they keep each other more entertained than just about anyone else can. It blesses my heart daily to watch their friendships with each other grow.

I don't really have any particular advice to offer except enjoy every moment ... though the days seem to drag by at times, the years fly by and before you know it you'll be retiring strollers and diaper bags, no one will need naps any more, and you'll wonder where in the world your babies went.

Praying God's richest blessings over you ...