Quick and Easy Nails

It is amusing to me that I'm finding time to write this post.

I guess it shall be at the expense of my microwave that desperately needs a good scrubbing. Exploding eggs, salmon, and oatmeal will do that.

Please note that those were not ingredients in the same meal. We're not that weird around here.

My Fight the Frump tip for this week is for your fingertips. About a year ago, I found Sally Hansen Natural Shine Nail Finish. It gives your nails a nice healthy pink glow. However, the best part is that it dries practically instantly. I'm able to put it on quicker than I brush my teeth.

Now, if I could only find the time to brush my teeth. Kidding, I'm kidding!

Find more great tips to Fight the Frump over at Mrs. Fussypants.


Sister Honey Bunch said...

I love a good quick drying polish. I'm very impatient and usually end up with a couple smudged nails.

Dre the Texican said...

And how was your salmon oatmeal scramble?

Oatmeal is the worst friggin thing to clean once it cakes onto something.

I haven't brushed my teeth today either, so don't feel so bad!

Love the photo of you and your son. It made me cry. Possibly pregnant hormones, I think.

Have a sweet day!

Joy said...

Great tip!

Tamra said...

My fingernails are seriously neglected. Cute, cute smooching picture!

Connie said...

Great Tip!

I love nail polish!!

Renee said...

When you have kids quick drying nail polish is the way to go. I have recently been really taking care of my nails. A little time every day really helps. I put jojoba oil on my nails and cuticles as they get dry with Winter time.

I love the Sally Hansen nail polish it has the right amount of pink and more natural looking then polish. I also like the 3 file buffers at Wally world not sure of the brand though.

I am glad I stopped on by. The photo is precious!


Melody said...

Wow - all the frump fighting ideas, and I'm realizing just how neglectful I am to myself lately! :-)
Great idea.

HRH said...

That is probably the most useful tip I have heard/read all day. I think I could actually paint a clear color if it dried almost instantly!