Sleeping Like a Baby

The best baby gift we've ever gotten is our full-time maid. It makes savoring moments with little ones so much easier when I don't have to fret about whether or not the clothes are clean or dinner ready.

But, of course, you know, if you've ever read this blog, which would include people like my husband, mom, in-laws and possibly a handful of friends, that we don't really have a maid. Though, we do have a great dog who keeps the kitchen floor spotless except for a few slobber trails.

So, what is a mom to do when the baby is crying and the chores are calling?

Well, I've found a little trick that helps me get the clothes clean and the baby asleep all at the same time.

I simply put my sweet baby in her car seat and stick her ON TOP of the dryer. I then work on the laundry. A key to getting the baby to sleep is to turn on the dryer. My theory is that it has the same effect as a car ride. The baby is napping in no time and I get a little laundry finished.

Of course, there are many of you who are going to say this isn't safe. Yes, there is a very slim chance that the car seat could fall off of the dryer. That is why you DON'T leave the room. If you don't feel like doing laundry, then read a book, paint your nails, or have a snack. Anything goes.

This little trick also works if the baby is especially fussy. A few minutes on top of the dryer and we've found that our little one is sound asleep and can be easily transferred to a safe sleeping place.

This definitely works for me. I will, however, remind you that babies are only this small for such a short time, so there is no rush to get the laundry finished. I use this tip when I'm desperate for a moment to catch up on something. There is no sweeter way to get a baby to sleep than in your arms.

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We are THAT Family said...

You had me going with the maid. . .every mother's dream. Great idea too!

Mzzterry said...

dryers are the worlds biggest baby pacifiers! thanks for sharing!