Where's My Cape?

It has been four years since I heard the teacher say that I would soon distinguish my baby's cries. She meant that not only would I distinguish my baby's cries from other baby's, but I would also begin to distinguish from among my own baby's different cries.

I was skeptical. I mean all baby cries sounded the same to me.

Of course, it wasn't long after Ann was born that I realized that the teacher had been serious. All babies did sound different. Not only that, but newborns were actually beautiful and not just shriveled and red. Who knew?

However, that teacher failed to warn me that these superpowers don't just stop with distinguishing cries. Oh no, not at all.

Soon parents learn to tell what annoying toy is still making noises though the children have all gone to bed. Or, they may all be playing, but one toy can be heard above all others and it must. be. stopped. NOW! (As a side note, it should be recorded that approximately 99.9% of these noisy toys come from grandparents.)

I can identify the pesky little yellow car from a mile, or a room away, whatever. The point is it now resides on top of our refrigerator so that no other toy can bump it and make it play its demolition sounds. And, if Chris fails to notice it is missing in another day or two, it will be forever gone to some unsuspecting mother who stumbles upon it at the thrift store. But, I digress.

I realize that these powers are likely universal to mothers.

Just the other day, I was talking with my friend while our children played in her house. Suddenly, she stopped talking and cocked her head while wearing a look of concentration. Within seconds, she said, "Would someone please turn off the Nemo Bubble Maker?" She was dead on! A child turned it off and peace reigned for a moment.

I'm guessing her children's grandparents gave them that toy.

How about you,? Have you been surprised by the, um, new skills you've acquired since becoming a mama?

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