Talking on the Phone

Lately, Tony has been working long hours. We all miss him.

Due to these longer hours, the kiddos have spent a bit more time chatting on the phone with him. I really appreciate that he takes time out of his busy day to show Ann and Chris that they are important to him.

Today, Ann had a turn to talk to Daddy.

I wondered what she would share about her morning.

Would she tell him about the devotion we shared at breakfast?

Would she tell him that she was learning what it means to show proper respect?

Maybe she would tell him about tracing the number zero and even how she wrote it on her own a few times.

Or, maybe she would simply tell him she was excited to show him the collage she created using scissors, construction paper, and a glue stick.

Let's face it. We rarely do even one of these things on any given morning and this morning we had done all four of these things. I was eager to hear her retell the morning's events. I figured I'd learn what had been her favorite part since I'd yet to ask her.


Ann excitedly took the phone and practically screamed, "Hi Daddy!"

Then, she proceeded to describe how Chris had pooped in his pants and stuck his hand in it. She made sure to let him know that he wiped a bit of it on me as well as on her blanket.

How can I compete with that?

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