A Full Plate

Dark chocolate or semisweet chocolate is typically my dessert of choice. I could happily munch on chocolate chips all day long. Yet, the fact remains, I can do without dessert. Yes indeed, I can still make it through the day if I've run out of my secret stash of chocolate in the pantry.

Blogging is similar to my dessert. I really like it. I don't want to do without it. However, at those meals where I fill my plate, I'm much less likely to reach for something sweet afterwards. Such is also the case when my life is like a full plate.

Until now, the adjustment to caring for three children has been a bit tough, but completely manageable. Jane has the sweetest disposition and is extremely flexible. But, I think you and I both know that no matter how easygoing a baby may be, once they are mobile things change.

Jane is on the brink of crawling. In the meantime she is rolling wherever she needs to go. Yikes.

In addition to her new found mobility, Jane has also begun to eat solids. She isn't sure about them, but we are doing our best to offer them at least once a day. It is fun to add her to our family mealtime and she loves sitting in the high chair and playing with a sippy cup. However, as fun as this is, it is also an adjustment to go from simply nursing her to also feeding with a spoon. Our day is certainly more full.

Also, Ann and Chris are nonstop bundles of energy. They have the best time together.
Just the other night they were both hopping around the yard on balls. As I went out to take pictures of them, Ann said, "Look Mom! I can jump over the dog poop!"

Nice. Let's just say I was a tad behind on poop patrol. It isn't a job anyone wants to do when temperatures sore above 100 degrees. But, it still needs to be done along with many other things that I keep letting slide.

Unfortunately, it isn't always the chores that I let slide. Sometimes it is the quality time with my kiddos that I seem to let pass me by until I've done what I want to do.

As anyone knows, life lived eating dessert first is fun for a while, but then things start to get a little out of sorts. That is where I'm at now. So, I'm cutting back on my dessert for a while. No, not the literal kind, I'm not that crazy. You will still find chocolate in my pantry. I'm simply going to put my blogging on hold for a bit.

Of course, that doesn't mean that I won't be visiting some of you every now and then. You all are too interesting for me to stay away.
I hope to be back in a week or so. I hope you'll be back too.

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