Easy Chore Time

Well, that was no big deal. It really took me no time at all to get the last week's laundry put away and all of the bed linens changed.

Oh, did I forget to mention my wonderful husband took the day off? He may or may not have taken the "big kids" to the gym to go swimming. I won't tell.

And lest you think I'm one of those who overuse quotation marks, (and I probably do) I always use quotes when I write big kids, because I really don't know that ages 3 and 2 qualify as being big kids. However, they don't require my body in order to eat, so that makes them big around here.

Happy Friday! Oh, and thanks Tony! You now will no longer have to dig through piles of clean clothes to find what you need. Well, at least for a day or two.

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