A Change in Plans

Okay, I've posted a time or two about the old to-do list. Really, I'm getting better about letting it go. In fact, I only really use them on Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday, reality sets in and I toss it out the window. Well, really I just let it get buried under other things sitting on the kitchen counter, but whatever.

So, this morning I was both plugging away at the list and focusing on the kiddos. That wasn't too tough since they were playing well together. Anyways, I actually vacuumed and did a few other things I won't bore you with.

We loaded up the van and headed to our MOP Steering Team Meeting. I distinctly remember sort of reviewing the day in my head as I sang songs with the kiddos. (By sang songs, I mean danced around like a complete fool not caring who was watching.)

My day was so neat orderly in my head. It was a pretty little to-do list with a few things already scratched off.

Once at church, I unloaded Baby Jane and grabbed for the diaper bag. As I went to hang it on the stroller, I noticed that Jane was spitting up. Well, at least she started out spitting up, but then she progressed to vomiting. You can probably guess the rest of the story.

So, it's bye-bye to my little list. I'll see you next Monday. I have a little feeling that I won't miss you much.

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