Six Months

My Sweet Baby Jane,

Baby girl, you have grown so much. Six months! The time has gone so quickly. I believe I write that every month. But, adults have saying that says, "time flies when you are having fun." Sweet girl, it is no wonder that these months are going so quickly. Being your mommy is pure delight.

Each morning you wake up cooing and smiling. Your grin takes over your face as soon as I walk in the room. I love that!

You and I have been spending a bit more one-on-one time together as Daddy frequently takes your sister and brother swimming. I treasure my time with you. Often, if I'm not alone with you, your brother and sister insist that I put you down on the floor so that they can play with you. It seems that no one can get enough of you.

This month you've gotten closer to sitting upright. You like to prop yourself up on your little hands. You aren't crawling yet, but you still get where you'd like to go by rolling. I have to keep a pretty close eye on you or you manage to roll right under furniture. I try to put blankets on the floor for you to play on, but you roll right off of them, and before I know it, your brother, sister, and the dog are sitting on your blanket.

Jane, you fill our days with all that is good. I thank God for all that you've brought to this little family of ours. I pray that your sweetness would be something that forever blesses others for Jesus.

We love you.

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