The Money Guy

"Oh, that is something we do with Daddy," is something I can frequently be heard saying.

It is usually my response when my children want to do something particularly messy or active. I suppose you could call me a bit lazy. I like to think of myself as helping my children foster a wonderful relationship with their father.

Anyways, my children really like money. I can understand that. They are particularly fond of coins. They like to carry them everywhere. And, every now and then they actually put them in their piggy banks. We have a bit of work to do in order to teach them the value of a dollar.

Unfortunately for my older children, we no longer allow them to play with coins any old time they'd like. We just can't risk the coins lying around on the floor with our baby girl now crawling and perfecting her pincer grasp. Though, apparently two-year-olds can eat money.

Of course, this new money policy hasn't stopped Ann and Chris from asking for money. So, now when they ask, I remind them that they can only count their coins and feed their piggy banks when Daddy is at home. "He is the Money Guy," I say.

This morning, Chris was carrying around his empty wallet. It wasn't long before he asked me for money. Ann chimed in with, "Daddy is the Money Guy."

Curious, I asked her what I am.

"You're the Cleaning Girl," she said.

It's hard to argue with that while your hands are still wet from washing dishes.

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