I'm sitting at the library typing on a computer named Carle. I tried to sign in and use the computer named Happy. That didn't work. It is fitting, really. No one would accuse me of being happy this morning.

Of course, I have no reason to not be happy. I simply started responding to life's little inconveniences in a grumpy manner. It was my choice.

Now, I have four more minutes before my time on this computer is up and I need to log off. And, when I do sign off, it will be a sort of turning point in my day. I'm going to choose to be happy for the rest of this day. And yes, I do realize that I've set myself up to be tested.

So, when the children break something or stain something, I will choose to not let it ruin my day. Because it will happen.

Nap time will be too short and dinner time too messy. My choosing grumpiness won't make any of that change.

Deep breath, and here I go!

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