An Easter Memory

I made a turkey for Easter. Well, I cooked it anyways. I'll credit God with the making of it.

You see, a week or so ago, I noticed a turkey in my freezer. I bought the turkey sometime around Thanksgiving or Christmas. Clearly it was time to take it out of the freezer. That's when I decided that we'd be skipping ham this year in favor of turkey.

While that turkey defrosted in my fridge, I used the top of my refrigerator to hold all sorts of holiday items I didn't want the kids to get into quite yet. One of those items was a set of Resurrection Eggs. These plastic eggs are filled with items to help children learn the story of Easter.

Now, I should have known better than to think that simply placing something on the top of the fridge would actually keep my children away from it. They noticed it right away and despite being told not to get into it, one child, who shall not remain nameless, did just that. As I came down the stairs and found Chris standing on the counter reaching for the eggs. I quickly became exasperated. I sent him to sit down and lectured him about obeying, etc., etc.

A while later, I paused and asked if he was ready to look at the eggs. We had just a bit of time to look at them before he headed to school. So, we went through the dozen eggs and talked about Jesus' sacrifice for us. Then, we rushed to school.

A couple of days later, we had made Easter cookies, dyed Easter eggs, been to two egg hunts, cheered at one soccer game, and worshiped at Saturday night church. We'd been busy and it wasn't even truly Easter yet! Needless to say, we were all a bit tired.

Despite being tired, I wanted to take some more time to talk about Jesus. I had a feeling that the kids might pay better attention before they started their sugar highs the next morning. (I was right.) So, I grabbed the Resurrection Eggs.

I was absolutely delighted when my little man remembered what each egg was a symbol for in the Easter Story. At first I thought it was because he'd heard it so many times at church. However, when his older sister couldn't answer everything, I knew he'd simply remembered from our time two days earlier.

I was cranky and overwhelmed. He was being defiant. Our time together should have been a disaster, but instead, my little man learned a bit about life changing Truth. Thank You, Lord for letting me share Your story with a sweet little boy! In the end, that's what mattered. No one really cares that we had turkey and no sides for Easter dinner!

Happy Easter!

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