Hello April!

Happy April! The windows are open, the sun is shining, and the kids are playing outside while Tony strums his guitar as he keeps an eye on them. So far, April is good!

However, I did learn my lesson and will no longer be professing my love for months until all the days are checked off on the calendar. How could I be so foolish? March was full of gray skies, sickness, and worst of all, we said goodbye to our beloved pooch. Good riddance March. So what if you gave us warmth and a nice walk to the library on the first day of the month.

Now, April surely wouldn't consider pulling the same trick. It couldn't, I don't care if it is April Fool's Day. No cruel jokes aloud! At least not when it comes to sunshine. Gray might be a favorite color of mine to wear, but I could do without seeing it in the sky every. single. day!

Happy April! Here's to hoping April's showers are short and sweet!

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