Perhaps I'll Just Start Posting About Holidays

Happy Mother's Day!

I started the weekend with a date with my husband. I sure hope our church has Parents' Night Out more often. Now THAT is a fundraising idea I can get behind!

Saturday morning started with a coffee date with a friend that I rarely get to visit with. I followed that up with some shopping including a bit of grocery shopping so that I didn't feel super unproductive about my morning.

I came home to a very special Mother's Day surprise. Tony had taken the kids to Home Depot and bought wood to make a raised garden bed for me! I now have an 8 x 10 garden bed to fill with dirt and then plant to my heart's content! I was thrilled and very impressed that he did that with three children ages 6, 5 and 3, in tow. He even let the kids do the children's workshop so that I now have a cute wooden flower pot holder. So fun!

The afternoon was spent watching my two oldest play their last soccer games of the season. Ann has continued to improve and that girl is fast! I think she scored in 5 of her 6 games. Of course, we stressed that it isn't just about winning or scoring goals, but I think we can all admit it's a bit more fun when we do score a goal!

Our little man made us so proud. His determination was impressive. He listened to his coach and was a team player. He came so close to scoring a goal that he literally had me on my feet cheering for him. I had such fun watching their games and hope they want to play in the fall.

The rest of Saturday was spent eating dinner and enjoying the warm weather. Our church added a Saturday night service, so Tony was away playing keyboard for the service for a bit of the evening.

Sunday morning we took it easy and didn't go to church until the last service. Well, the kids and I took it easy. Tony played the keyboard all morning.

After church, I chose to grab burgers for lunch. I have one place I like to eat hamburgers and that's because they are super thin patties with NO pink. That's my kind of burger! The place was packed, so apparently I'm not the only mama who likes her burgers that way.

I spent the afternoon avoiding everything I normally do. Tony and the kids were great helpers. We kept dinner simple and Tony put the kids to bed.

I'm sitting here smiling as I think about my sweet family. I'm also now sporting a cute seashell necklace given to me by my little man. On my counter is a ceramic bowl of spaghetti and meatballs made by my favorite kindergartner. I'd say life is pretty good!

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allie :^) said...

so where is this amazing hamburger joint? is it a secret? :)

yes, life is good. for alot of us! :)