Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Friday night, the five of us went to a our city's minor league team's game. The outing was planned by a group at Tony's office. We thought it sounded like something our entire family could do. Since the children are still so young, opportunities like this are a bit rare. We were all excited to go to the game. It was the kiddos' first live baseball game.

We worried it might not happen. As we were driving to the ballpark, the clouds darkened. Then, the rain started pouring. Tony and I decided we'd at least go get dinner.

Here are Chris and Ann waiting for us to finish unloading the van. Due to a certain 3-year-old girl's dramatic tendencies if she experiences the slightest discomfort, such as getting wet, we let her ride in a stroller. We hoped the stroller canopy would prevent the princess from getting wet.
We must have made quite the entrance with our little stroller brigade. Though I was tempted, I didn't ask anyone to take a picture of us and all our baby gear.

Fortunately, as we headed into the ballpark, the clouds started breaking up. While we ate, blue sky reappeared.

Tony and Ann enjoyed hot dogs and coleslaw.

Chris was also happy to have a hot dog, but, he was most enthralled by Tony allowing him a few sips of pop.

After dinner, we noticed there was a playground in the stadium. We headed over there where Ann and Chris also took turns jumping in an inflatable bouncer. (I'm not sure why I can't remember the name of those things right now.)

Here is Jane taking in the sights and sounds. Isn't she the sweetest?

We were sure we'd never get Ann and Chris to leave the playground. But, after playing for a while, they were ready to go sit and enjoy the the game.

Of course, by enjoy, I mean they were ready to repeatedly spread out their blankets on the grass. I have no idea what it is with my kiddos and spreading out blankets or beach towels, but once they get started, they do it over, and over, and over again. Weird, I guess?

They also spent most of the game staring at the other children around them. Typical, I'm sure.

Baby Jane spent most of the game in my arms.

Once the mosquitoes came out for dinner, we packed up. I couldn't even tell you what inning it was. I can, however, tell you that the sundaes we ate at Sonic, after the game, were quite delicious.

It was a fun evening of family time. I hope it was only the first of many more adventures for the five of us.

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