Maybe if We Were Clowns

Do you know the scene from a circus or a cartoon of several clowns piling out of a tiny car?

That is what came to mind as I observed the three, count 'em, three car seats my husband managed to cram into the back seat of our car. I should mention that our car is a Ford Focus hatchback. It has four doors. Because we traded in the two door one when we were pregnant with Ann. We thought four doors made a family car. Funny, huh?

Our other car is a minivan. We need to take it in for some maintenance tomorrow. So, we needed to see if all the car seats would fit in the car in order for us to have transportation for the next day or so. I told my husband not to worry about it, but, I think he liked the challenge of fitting the car seats in the small car.

And that is why I had visions of clowns. It made me sort of chuckle. However, I quickly stopped laughing when my husband suggested we take the car on our upcoming road trip to Colorado.

Let me just say that gas prices would have to at least double before I considered a ten-hour trek in a tiny car with three little ones. Some things are just worth the money.

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