Will I Remember?

As I sit here, I can't help but wonder if I'll remember...

Will I remember that right now Ann likes wearing shirts with butterflies (not live ones) on them? That she prefers cotton shorts to jeans shorts, skirts or dresses?

Will I remember that Chris prefers to wear his Toy Story and Super Man t-shirts and would really like a Bat Man t-shirt? That he likes to wear mesh shorts like his daddy has?

Will I remember that Jane insists on wearing dresses and and sparkly jelly sandals? That she likes to be called "Princess Jane."

Will I remember the details of our short visit to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday morning?

The children each got to pick out a prize and Ann was all about quantity. She chose two rings, a plastic fish and a plastic lady bug.

Chris wanted the inflatable hammer.

Jane was thrilled with a two-sided crayon. One side was purple, her favorite color.

Will I remember that Ann's favorite color is still pink?

That Chris's favorite color is simply not pink and not purple. All others are okay.

That Jane's favorite color is purple which she pronounces, "purkle."

No, I likely won't remember all these details and so I write them. I want to be able to share these little details with my children.. These little things that seem so trivial, but are the small things that are slowly revealing more and more of themselves to me and to the world.

Though I've noted that a big part of me is mourning my first child going off to school (so soon!?). The bigger part of me is excited to see what they will become.

I love those little ones right down to their seemingly silly preferences.

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allie :^) said...

that IS why we blog. to remember simple, seemingly silly things that mean the world to us right now and someday might make one of our kiddos smile. :) i used to say purkle? ;)