Silly Boy!

A few nights ago, we were expecting Tony to be home from work any minute. Chris decided to hide from him. I believe he chose the first thing he saw as he headed out the front door.

Now, I better explain that while he was a bit frightened since he was stuck, he wasn't actually hurt. Also, he laughed at himself about being silly enough to do this. Finally, he agreed to try to smile for the picture so Daddy could see where he tried to hide. (So, as you can see, I was totally justified in taking this picture even though my son was in a bit of distress. He was no worse for the wear after I helped him out!) I have no doubt that he'll laugh at this picture for many years to come!

He does lots of goofy things, but this may be the silliest in a while. However, his Hide and Seek skills are much improved over the days when he would cover his own eyes to hide.

I sure love this little boy!

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