He Knows How to Melt My Heart

A couple of weeks ago, thanks to a great sale combined with a coupon, I became the lucky owner of a carpet cleaner. It's something we should have bought over five years ago. In fact, we should have been advised to put it on our baby registry, but that is besides the point.

I finally assembled the cleaner and used it this past week for the first time. My little man is enthralled with any type of tool and for him, vacuums and carpet cleaners qualify as tools. He loves using my beloved Dyson. He also likes using the hand held vacuum to clean our stairs. In fact, he likes this so much that he gets upset if I vacuum the stairs instead of him. He does a decent job so you better believe I let him do it whenever he wants as long as no one is sleeping.

As you can imagine, he was quite interested in the carpet cleaner. However, I told him that he was going to have to wait until he was older to use that one. He took it pretty well. He went off to play and came back a little while later.

"Mommy?" he asked.

"Yes?" I said.

"When I'm a daddy can I have one of those (carpet cleaner)?" He wanted to know.

"Sure buddy, " I replied.

"But Mommy, who am I going to marry?" He asked.

Thinking there might be a funny response I asked, "Well, who would you like to marry."

Very seriously he replied, "Well, I'd really like to marry you, but you're already grown up."

My heart melted on that very spot. Once I recovered, I told him that God would have a special wife just for him. I told him the most important thing was to have a wife who loved God. He looked at me and said, "I love God," and then he ran away to play.

Once again, my heart melted and I felt so very thankful for having that special little man in my life.

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Heidi said...

Too sweet!