More Than Enough

Whew! What a day!

The day started with my son spilling water on my cell phone. (It survived.) From there it progressed to a potty-training toddler who missed the toilet and somehow managed to get some poo stuck underneath a door. (Seriously?!)

Unfortunately, I didn't take the hint and craw back in bed. Instead, we headed to a meeting about one of our kiddos to find out if maybe we should be taking more action or getting more assistance with said kiddo's behavior. Instead of learning anything new, I left feeling very, very frustrated. I felt as though I'd wasted two hours and had no new insight into how to best help my child.

So, as I drove home to where my friend was watching my other two children, I took a deep breath. I prayed and realized that God will help us to train our children in the way He wants them to go. Now, though I became more peaceful I was still frustrated.

Later on in the day, Tony called to check in and see how things were going. At the time, they weren't going so well. However, he also had called to inform me that he had been given a surprising and generous raise.

Though I couldn't be more proud of Tony, it was something else that struck me as I hung up the phone. I knew in that way that I'm not quite able to describe in words, that God was reminding me that He loves me. He is taking care of things even when I don't realize it. Though I might be looking for one answer and focused on what I'm not getting (answers to my child's behavior) He is reminding me of how much He loves me and will always take care me.

So, I'm not ending the day any closer to answers for how to best train our child. However, I am very much reminded of how much God loves me and how freely He gives. (Both materially and spiritually.) That is more than enough.

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