Asking Her Father for Help

If my kids aren't doing something crazy, funny or just plain cute, then they are saying something crazy, funny or just plain cute. For quite a while, I've been meaning to jot down some of the things they say. Of course, by the time I make time to do just that, I've forgotten what they said! However, today was different. I knew I didn't want to forget what my daughter said.

Due to some poor planning on my part, we found ourselves south of town on an empty stretch of highway with very little gas. I was starting to get worried that we might actually run out of gas and said so out loud. After just a few minutes (during which I was praying), my five year old daughter said, unprompted, "God will help us."

After we talked for a bit I learned that she had been praying "in her mind" that God would help us make it to the gas station. A few minutes later I saw the sign that the nearest gas station was only four miles down the road. I smiled, but not just because I was pretty certain we weren't going to be stranded on the side of the road. Rather, I smiled because my daughter knew what to do in a time of need.

Watching her learn to read has been a thrill, but it's nothing compared to seeing her learn to ask her Father for help. Talk about a great day!

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heidi said...

Yeah! Kudos Mommy.