Defining a Bad Day

My oldest daughter recently overheard me talking with a friend who was having a rough day. After we left my friend, my daughter asked me why my friend was having a bad day. I responded that mommy's sometimes have rough days.

"Kids sometimes have bad days too," said Ann.

"Oh really," I replied.

"Yes. Like when we don't get a toy we want or something like that," she explained.

I chuckled to myself as I thought about how life would be so easy if that was an adult's biggest concern.

Later, I recalled the conversation, again laughing at what Ann considered to be a bad day.

A moment later my laughter stopped and it was though someone had thrown cold water on my face. Hadn't my daughter summed up what makes a bad day? Isn't it a bad day when we don't get what we want? Doesn't that truly sum up bad days for adults as well as children?

Of course, those desires may be something that is completely understandable such as health, a job, or something more trivial such as peace and quiet while making dinner. Still, at least for me, my bad days typically involve me not getting what I want.

That daughter of mine is one smart and observant kiddo. God sure is teaching me a lot through my little ones.

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